About Janet Kay and Nancy Merkling

Janet Kay & Nancy MerklingAbout the Artists: Janet Kay & Nancy Merkling

“In everything we do as photographers, we believe everyone should be heard and understood. It’s about blending visions – your ideas with our artful skills. Your expectations will be exceeded along this creative journey.” – Janet Kay and Nancy Merkling

We are professional photographers.
Whether shooting quality images for an entrepreneur’s website, capturing the best moments of a wedding day or building your professional image with an updated headshot, NMP brings the artistry and technical wisdom to exceed expectations.

We are teachers who inspire.
Creating artful photography makes us happy but where our fulfillment steps in is through teaching photography and inspiring others in their art. It’s not just about us.

We are trailblazing art event producers.
“4th Fridays Art Event” at The Dole is a life dream brought to fruition. If you haven’t attended, well…let’s just say you should. These are held 10 months a year on the 4th Friday of the month January through October. Once you attend a “4th Fridays Art Event” at The Dole, you’ll add us to your calendar every month!