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Every day is a crucial part of what it takes to grow in your photography.
Every day is about putting your handprint on your camera.
Every day is about time being carved and habits being created.
Every day is about learning something new and then applying it.
Every day is about consistency mixed with commitment over time.
Every day is about reflection and self-critique.
Every day is about really, really wanting to grow in something that takes time.
Every day is getting behind the lens to move forward in both the art and technical skills of your photography.
Every day is about seeking beautiful light and figuring out what to shoot in it.
Every day can be shooting your tomato soup in a cool bowl on the patio in beautiful light with a basil leaf floating on top.
Every day can also be scheduled roaming adventures with friends through abandoned places during beautiful light.
Every day is also about documenting our personal lives and memories for the generations below us to remember.
Every day means you ask yourself “What camera am I bringing today?”
Every day means you think about light and look for a shot all the time.
Every day means you look forward to connecting with your camera.
Every day means you layer yesterday’s lesson on top of today’s.
Every day means you gain wisdom in experiences that cannot be achieved any other way.
Every day means you get to look at newly captured images every night.
Every day means you’re serious about getting better all the time.
Every day means we can chat about what you are doing and where you are going and how you are working to get there.
Every day means you will get better. And better. Every day.
Every day is best started today.

About the Author:
Fine-art photographer and photography instructor. Art event producer. Lover of beautiful light. Staying smack dab in the center of my God-given blueprint is my happy place.

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